Smart Security Systems

The age of cyber espionage and cyber attacks is upon us. We all protect our business with the latest anti-malware and anti-virus software to protect our data and our customers’ information. This does not, however, mean that we can overlook the need for physical security. Physical theft, vandalism, and natural disasters all play their unique parts in the requirement for physical security systems. The three most important components Smart Security Systems physical security are access control, surveillance, and testing of all systems.

Access Control

Obstacles such as access cards or passcodes should be placed in the way of potential thieves or vandals. Fences, locks, biometric scanners, and fire suppression systems help safeguard against thieves, vandals, and natural disaster such as fire.


Surveillance cameras and intrusion detection sensors help protect against intrusions. Choose a surveillance camera system that provides high-quality photo, video, and audio for best results. Heat sensors and smoke detectors protect your property and employees in the event of a fire.


Test your access control and surveillance systems on a regular basis. Also, test your emergency and disaster recovery policies and procedures on a regular basis so that every employee fully understands how to handle and recover from any type of manmade or natural disaster.

Smart Security Systems

Today’s security systems are very intuitive. Allow us to help you design a physical security system that syncs with your smartphone so you can keep watch over the security cameras whenever you want. Smart security systems give you peace of mind so you can enjoy other aspects of your daily life without worry that things are going wrong at the office.

Be Part of the Greytower Team

We don’t simply take your physical security ideas and run with them; we pull you into the entire design process. We offer a full-service approach to all of our projects including building, remodeling, and physical security. You will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our design team as we design the new security system for your business.

We understand that a lot of general contractors in the greater San Francisco area offer a timely finished project within budget and fail to deliver on the agreed terms. We’re not that company. Our goal is to find long-term partners with whom we can build strong working relationships. You don’t find that type of partner by failing to keep the job within schedule and budget or by throwing in additional hidden costs.

Physical Security and General Contracting in the Greater San Francisco Area

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