Safe rooms

Home sweet home. Your home should be a safe haven for its inhabitants. How does your home help ensure your family’s safety? Locks on windows and doors, and alarm systems with cameras only go so far in terms of true protection and safety. A safe room protects your family in many situations in which locks and alarm systems are insufficient.

A Safe Room Provides Added Protection

A safe room can be built nearly anywhere in your home. The purpose of the room will help determine the best location. Safe rooms provide added protection against:

  • Earthquakes: We are no strangers to earthquakes here in the greater San Francisco area. The safe room must be set up in such a way that it will protect your family in the event of an earthquake.
  • Burglars: You never know when a burglar may be armed and dangerous. Always have a backup plan that involves a safe area for yourself and your family.
  • Heavy Rainfall and High Winds: Such as the high winds and rains that accompany hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • The Unexpected: We don’t want to feed into any type of doom-and-gloom paranoia, but a safe room is the one way you can prepare for the unexpected.

Safe Room Requirements

Building a safe room within your existing home is not without its risks. The room must meet all FEMA guidelines. An unsafe safe room could do exactly the opposite of its purpose and put your family in the way of greater harm instead of providing a safe place.

Be Part of the Greytower Team

We don’t simply take your safe room ideas and run with them; we pull you into the entire design process. We offer a full-service approach to all of our building and remodeling projects. You will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our design team as we design your safe room.

Design Your Safe Room with Us

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