Not all solar energy is the same

There is solar thermal energy and solar photovoltaic (PV) energy.  Solar thermal energy absorbs the sun’s rays to heat water or another medium or to turn water into steam to drive a turbine to make electricity. We design and install solar PV systems for residential, commercial and industrial customers.  

The basics of solar 

These PV systems solar cells made from materials that produce a voltage and electric current when exposed to sunlight. An individual solar cell produces little electricity, so cells are gathered into panels and panels are arranged into systems to provide the voltage and current desired.  

Solar-electric systems can be mounted of rooftops, at ground level or on vertical surfaces. Solar panels are oriented so that they are exposed to the maximum amount of direct sunlight as the sun moves throughout the day. For more efficient solar electricity generation, solar panels can be made to track the sun’s movement. 

From sun to electricity 

The electricity solar panels produce is direct current (DC). This DC power must be converted to alternating current or AC for use in your home or business by a device called an “inverter”. However, the DC power from your solar panels can be directly stored in a solid state battery system which also works on DC power. The inverter can then convert DC power from the solar panels or the battery system into AC power. 

Storing solar electricity in a battery system has the advantage timing: using the power stored in batteries when it provides the most benefit either financially or operationally.  

Reduce your energy bill 

We design solar-electricity and battery storage systems that can reduce your energy costs by using less electricity from the grid and using grid electricity when it is at the lowest cost. Moreover, stored solar electricity significantly increases the reliability and resiliency of your electricity supply since it minimizes reliance on the grid. 

Be Part of the Greytower Team

We don’t simply take your solar power ideas and run with them; we pull you into the entire design process. We offer a full-service approach to all of our projects including solar emergency power systems. You will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our design team as we design your new solar power system to meet your family’s individual needs.

Solar Emergency Power in the Greater San Francisco Area

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